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MILF Hunter Raquel

milfhunter raquel
milf hunter Raquel
Raquel milf
Code Name: Double Trouble
Age: 42 & 40
Body: out of this world milf
File: 44 min. video & 178 pics
Mission Summary: what a splendid mission this was. i was at the store getting some of that shit to kill fire ants when i came across to of the sexiest MILFs i'd ever seen. they were looking at some lillys and i mentioned to them how beautiful they are, just like the lillys (its amazing the shit chicks will go for). it took awhile and some of my smoothest BS lines but i finally got them to the house. what happens next i can not even describe.. but i can tell you the ever elusive \"pussy sandwich\" was part of the action! MILFhunter Raquel
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